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TW15 .15 ohm Mesh.15 Ohms
55-70 Watts
In stock$19.95
TW20 .2 ohm Mesh.2 Ohms
40 - 55 Watts
In stock$19.95
R1 .8 ohm.8 Ohms
12 - 18 Watts
In stock$19.95
R2 1.0 ohm1.0 Ohms
Regular Coil
Only 3 left in stock$19.95
M2 0.6 ohm Mesh 0.6 Ohms
Mesh Coil
In stock$19.95
TM2 0.80 ohm Mesh0.8ohm
12-18 Watts
Only 6 left in stock$19.95
VM1 0.3 ohm Mesh0.3ohm
MESH Suggested E-Liquid Strength 12mg or Less
In stock$19.95
VM3 .45 ohm Mesh.45 Ohms
25 - 30 Watts
In stock$19.95
VM4 0.6 ohm Mesh0.6ohm
20-28 Watts
Suggested E-Liquid Strength 25mg or Less
In stock$19.95
VM5 0.2 ohm Mesh0.2 Ohms
40 - 60 Watts
Suggested E-Liquid strength of 12 mg or less
In stock$19.95
VM6 0.15 ohm Mesh0.15 Ohms 60 - 80 Watts
Suggested E-Liquid strength of 12 mg or less
In stock$19.95


Experience a refined and effortless vaping experience with VOOPOO’s PnP Replacement Coils, a collection designed to enhance and customize your vaping pleasure. This extensive series features 12 variations, including single, dual, mesh, and ceramic options, tailored to cater to your individual vaping style. Each pack, containing five coils, offers a variety of resistance levels and wattage ranges, ensuring you find the perfect match for your vaping needs.

NEW – TW15 0.15ohm Mesh Coils: These coils are designed for Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping, with a recommended wattage range of 55-70W. They offer a balance of rich flavor and substantial vapor production.

NEW – TW20 0.2ohm Mesh Coils: Ideal for DTL vaping, these coils work best within the 40-55W range. They are designed to deliver intense flavor and dense vapor.

R1 .8ohm Regular Coils: Designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, offering a balanced experience with a recommended wattage range of 12-18W.

R2 1.0ohm Regular Coils: Ideal for traditionalists, these coils operate at a resistance of 1.0ohm and are recommended for use between 10-15W. They offer a consistent and classic vaping experience.

TM1 0.6ohm Mesh Coils: Designed for those who crave intensity, these coils have a 0.6ohm resistance and a 20-25W wattage range. The mesh construction guarantees even heating for a richer flavor and more substantial cloud production.

TM2 0.8ohm Mesh Coils: With a resistance of 0.8ohm and a suggested wattage of 12-18W, these coils are perfect for vapers who prefer a heightened flavor and vapor output, similar to the TM1 but with a slightly higher resistance.

VM1 0.3ohm Mesh Coils: Targeting power users, these single mesh coils have a 0.3ohm resistance and a recommended wattage of 32-40W. They are ideal for e-liquids with a strength of 12mg or less, delivering a powerful vaping experience.

VM3 0.45ohm Mesh Coils: These coils are designed for a wattage range of 25-35W and are suitable for RDL or Half-DTL vaping. The mesh design ensures even heating for a consistent flavor profile.

VM4 0.6ohm Mesh Coils: Balancing power and flavor, these coils have a 0.6ohm resistance with a 20-28W wattage range. Suitable for e-liquids up to 25mg strength, they offer a harmonious blend of intensity and taste.

VM5 0.2ohm Mesh Coils: For a vigorous and potent vape, these coils with a 0.2ohm resistance and a 40-60W range are the go-to choice.

VM6 0.15ohm Mesh Coils: These are the epitome of power within the series, offering a resistance of 0.15ohm and a wattage range of 60-80W for an unmatched vaping experience.

M2 0.6ohm Coils: Perfect for those who appreciate simplicity, these coils offer a resistance of 0.6ohm and a 20-28W range, providing a straightforward and effective vaping experience.

Compatible with a wide array of VOOPOO devices, including the ARGUS XT, ARGUS PRO, ARGUS AIR, DRAG H40, DRAG X, VINCI 3 series, and NAVI, these PnP Replacement Coils are designed for easy installation. This feature makes switching from one coil to another seamless and hassle-free. The ‘Plug n’ Play’ design simplifies the process of changing coils, making it user-friendly and efficient. Each coil type offers a unique experience, from intense flavor and large clouds to a more balanced and traditional vaping experience. Whether you prefer MTL, DTL, or RDL vaping, the PnP coil series has options to suit various vaping styles and preferences.

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PnP Coil Style

R1 .8 ohm, R2 1.0 ohm, M2 0.6 ohm Mesh, TM1 0.60 ohm Mesh, TM2 0.80 ohm Mesh, VM1 0.3 ohm Mesh, VM3 .45 ohm Mesh, VM4 0.6 ohm Mesh, VM5 0.2 ohm Mesh, VM6 0.15 ohm Mesh, TW15 .15 ohm Mesh, TW20 .2 ohm Mesh




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