Shijin Vapor, founded in 2014 by Tony Doan in San Jose, California, is a renowned e-liquid manufacturer celebrated for its diverse and high-quality vape juices. The inception of Shijin Vapor was driven by Tony’s personal quest to find a healthier alternative to smoking after his daughter was diagnosed with Obstructive Airways Disease. This profound experience inspired him to establish a brand committed to offering unique and satisfying vaping experiences. The name “Shijin” is derived from Chinese mythology, symbolizing the protective nature and unique character of their products​.

Shijin Vapor has carved a niche in the vaping industry with its wide range of flavors, appealing to various taste preferences. From fruity blends to rich dessert flavors, their offerings include the award-winning Tortoise Blood, known for its distinctive mix of green apple and blue raspberry sherbet, and Dragon Cloud, which features a delectable combination of cinnamon rolls and vanilla ice cream. Their dedication to quality and innovation has made Shijin Vapor a favorite among vapers, renowned for meticulous craftsmanship and robust flavors​.

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